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Soil compaction is not conducive for the health of trees. Trees in and around building sites, playgrounds and  car parks can suffer from compaction. Our newly developed soil decompaction units have been developed by our highly trained and knowledgeable staff to combat this issue.Ringrose Tree Services have been decompacting trees around the U.K since 2001.We have built up a professional knowledge of soil decompaction and tree feeding that are showing signs of stress.

In addition to the soil decompaction unit we also use  The  Airspade™ to decompact an area directly underneath a tree to improve drainage and increase vigour. We have successfully nursed many veteran trees on building sites and street situations for many years. If you have trees that have been under stress due to building works being carried out, we can decompact around the base of the tree to increase the tree’s vigour.We also recommend a layer of mulch after the decompaction .

The video below shows decompaction works carried out recently. With the use of The Airspade™ and The Terravent, Ringrose Tree Services can decompact the area directly underneath trees.

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