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Increasingly we see trees under stress in our urban environment. The Terravent machine is a pneumatic machine used to improve soil condition and to treat plant roots. Soil can be decompacted and aerated using the Terravent machine. Liquid media can also be injected into the soil to feed the roots of a failing tree. In a perfect situation, a woodland environment, trees have access to fungi called Mycorrhiza in the soil.There are several different kinds of Mycorrhiza that occur in the soil.If for any reason the natural balance of Mycorrhiza is upset by building work (construction) or compaction the absorption of Mycohorrizas can slow down. We use the Terravent to inject Mycorrhiza into the soil using a high power jet of nitrogen gas.This decompacts the soil and then feeds the Mycorrhiza into the root area.This technique is being used at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to preserve their mature tree stocks. Click on the link to view our video on Terraventing

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