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Tree Restoration

At Ringrose Tree Services we take great pride in looking after some of Oxfordshire’s oldest trees. This work has included evaluation and studies using the Terravent™. A probe is gently pushed into the soil containing root feed or water into the area directly around the base of the veteran tree,  This can greatly improve a tree’s vigour. Our de-compaction tool can also ‘plump’ up the soil around the base of a tree so that important water and other nutrients can penetrate into the roots.

Trees in and around building sites or car parks can suffer from de-compaction. The  Airspade™ can de-compact an area directly underneath a tree to improve drainage and increase vigour. We have successfully nursed many veteran trees on building sites and street situations for many years.  Please view our YouTube video on decompaction and terravent works.

The Terravent in action

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